Comic Book NFT Scoobi
ERC 721

Comic Book NFT

16 Gold - 100 Silver
BOOKS from 1st Act - Minted 31.08.2021
Considered as a Monument for us, this the fruit of a seed planted longtime ago. The limited ones are bundles of physical book, ebook and NFT merged with a Certificate of Authenticity(CoA).
Scarce low supply for the limited ones.
Clear every move is written on the blockchain.
purple edition unlimited comic book

Comic Unlimited

Unlimited Edition
Ebook and Print Available - Launched 10.01.2022
Being sold for few dollars in many stores, presents our expertise and respectability to enter into the comic world. The unlimited one is accessible to everybody, specially for people not into the crypto economy.
Abundance you can find it everywhere.
Opportunity to learn about crypto in a fun way.
purple edition unlimited comic book
In the late 1940’s, comic books were seen as a direct cause of juvenile crime. Children were forced to burn their comics in schoolyards and a Senate hearing was held which led to the Comics Code Authority and later the Canadian ban of all comic books. – Source.